Innovation Center Announced at Celebrate Princeton Invention

Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber speaks with Pablo Debenedetti, Dean for Research, at Celebrate Princeton Invention.

Innovation Center Announced at Celebrate Princeton Invention

At Celebrate Princeton Invention, the University announced the opening of the Innovation Center, a new incubator located off campus in Plainsboro, NJ. The Innovation Center will provide a wide range of resources for faculty, students, alumni, and the community. These resources include: dry labs for computational and mathematical research, wet labs for chemical, biological and pharmaceutical research, and office space for general use. This is the newest effort by Princeton University in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, following the establishment of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and the opening of the e-Hub in downtown Princeton in 2015.

David S. Lee *99, provost of Princeton University, spoke on the mission behind the Innovation Center, which is “helping the discoveries at Princeton move beyond the boundaries of the campus and into companies that can translate brilliant ideas into beneficial new technologies and services.” Lee emphasized the University’s commitment to “educating students who are on a path towards being leaders in a global economy imbuing with a commitment to serving the greater good.”

Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber also spoke at the event. Eisgruber remarked on the faculty’s “desire to see (their) fundamental research…have practical applications in the world.” Eisgruber went on to say that the Innovation Center partnerships allow faculty to improve their research by learning about the questions that other researchers are working on. The partnerships also help faculty see how their basic and applied university research can make a difference in the world and produce innovations that matter.

Look for the official opening of the Innovation Center in Spring 2017.

— Julie Clack
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