Tiger Entrepreneur Award

The Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC) presents the Tiger Entrepreneur Award, a new, prestigious award designed to celebrate the value of entrepreneurship and innovation across the Princeton community and to emphasize the University’s commitment to Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way.

This annual award will be given to up to four individuals (or teams of) undergraduate students, graduate students, or early career alumni who demonstrate success in entrepreneurship. Recipients will receive a certificate and a plaque.

PEC’s Administrative Committee will select winners in early May.

Eligible candidates are Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students, or alumni who received a degree from any Princeton University undergraduate or graduate program after January 1, 2012.

Up to three eligible candidates can be nominated together as one team candidate.

The selection committee will evaluate applicants based on the following criteria:

-Demonstrated entrepreneurial success as Princeton defines entrepreneurship, which is “the initiation of transformations through risk-taking actions and value-creating organizations.” Founders of both commercial and non-profit startups are encouraged to seek nominations.  

-Demonstrated experience with and commitment to inspiring others in entrepreneurship, driving change through entrepreneurial work, or making outstanding contributions to significant entrepreneurial projects.

Students/alumni interested in the award must be nominated by a Princeton University faculty or staff member, student, or alum. An eligible candidate can approach potential nominators to seek nomination.

-Nominators should fill out this form on the behalf of the nominee: Princeton Tiger Entrepreneur Award Nomination

-The nomination letter should be a one-page (250-500 word) overview of the nominee’s entrepreneurial endeavors that addresses the following prompt: “How has the nominee initiated transformation through risk-taking actions and/or value creating organizations?” 

-Once nominated, PEC will contact the nominee to submit follow-up materials in a form that will be emailed to them. Follow-up materials include: cover letter, résumé, and two additional reference letters from fellow students, coworkers, investors, mentors, faculty, staff and/or alumni familiar with the nominee’s entrepreneurial work.

All nominations are due at 11:59 ET on April 1, 2017. For an application to be considered complete, all materials, including the nomination letter, two reference letters, a cover letter and a résumé/CV, must be received on or before April 15, 2017 at 11:59pm ET.

Please contact pecinfo@princeton.edu with any questions.

4/1 – Nomination Form Closes
4/15 – Application Materials Due
Week of 5/1 – PEC Administrative Committee Selects Winners


— Julie Clack
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