Office Hours

Welcome to OfficeHours, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council’s mentoring program. OfficeHours connects NYC-based Princeton alumni mentors with students and early career alumni who seek guidance on specific challenges they are facing in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Finding and scheduling a meeting with a mentor is simple:

1.Search for a mentor by skillset and/or industry experience

2. Select a mentor and choose a 30-minute meeting time, in-person or by phone, during the mentor’s "office hours"

3. Complete the information section, which provides important background for the mentor regarding the issue/challenge you'd like to discuss and the outcome you hope to achieve.

4. Meet with your mentor

Click the link at the bottom of the page to select a mentor. 

If you have any questions about OfficeHours, please contact If you have interest in becoming a mentor, please click here and complete the OfficeHours Mentor Form.


Scott Baxter `11

Research Analyst, Lead Technology & Media Investor

Lynda Clarizio ‘82

President, US Media at Nielsen

Pierre DuPont ‘82

Partner at HPM Partners LLC

Daphne Earp ‘10

B2B Software Executive

Dror Futter `86

Partner, Rimon Law

Angel Gardner

Assistant Director, External Affairs Lewis Center

Laurence Latimer `01

Head of Ventures at IEX Group, Inc

Nic Poulos ‘08

General Partner, Bowery Capital

David Rolf `96

Executive Advisor, Strattam Capital

Kristen Sonday ‘09

Co-Founder and COO of Paladin

Shani Moore Weatherby `02

Senior Counsel of Legal Affairs at NBC and Universal Television; Independent TV Writer

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