A&E Agenda

Arts and Entrepreneurship Day Agenda

A&E Day Participants

All sessions will be held in the Lewis Center for the Arts complex

9:00 - 10:00 am | Check-in and Continental Breakfast

Check-in and Continental Breakfast

Location: Forum, Lewis Center complex

10:00 - 10:15 am | Welcoming Remarks

Welcoming remarks by Tracy K. Smith, Chair, Lewis Center for the Arts, Rod Priestley, Vice Dean for Innovation, Princeton, and Michael Rosenberg, Managing Director, McCarter Theatre.

Location: Forum, Lewis Center complex

10:20 - 11:20 am | Myth of the Artist/Myth of the Entrepreneur

What do we mean when we say “Artists are (or should be) Entrepreneurs?” Why do so many artists have a resistance to the term, and how do both artists and entrepreneurs limit how we think of each other’s work? This lively discussion will include individual artists and advocates in dance, music, theater, visual arts, and media/entertainment talk about how we expand the capacity and resources in the field, specifically for artists whose voices have been marginalized. We’ll also talk about strategies for navigating life and career as artists making their own businesses. Moderated by Aaron Landsman, Visiting Lecturer, Princeton University.


Malik Lewis
Halcyon Person
Jason Treuting
Nico Wheadon

Location: Drapkin Studio (and live streaming in the Forum)

11:20 am - 1:15 pm | Understanding My Ideal Career Path in the Arts + Lunch

As a student or recent graduate, it can be hard to articulate what your dream job looks like. And as an alumnus who has been working for many years in the same industry or job but not feeling engaged or energized, making the decision to radically change paths may be equally overwhelming. The first step towards identifying your ideal career path or dreamed job is understanding what future you want and don’t want, and what outcomes and goals you would like to achieve. In this workshop, you will work with design thinking to gain that understanding. Working in small teams, you will engage in hands-on activities to identify your dreamed career goals, envision your ideal job and outline steps to make that vision a reality. You will create your own picture of success and explore different ways to work towards it.

Led by Sheila Pontis, Lecturer, Keller Center, Princeton University.


Location: Kerr Studio (and live streaming in the Forum)

11:20 am - 12:20 pm | Career Roundtable Discussion: Strategies to Support Your Creative Career

In this informal round table discussion, alumni, faculty, and fellows featured at Arts and Entrepreneurship Day will share their strategies for breaking into creative fields and advice they wish they had known when they were preparing for their careers. Questions from students and alumni are welcome and encouraged, as we foster a supportive community across arts interests through an open exchange about opportunities and challenges of building a career in the arts.

Facilitated by Yee Ho, Associate Director, Princeton’s Center for Career Development.

Location: Drapkin Studio

12:20 pm - 3:15 pm | Career Workshop: Film and Entertainment + lunch

Location: Forum, Lewis Center complex (attendees of Film and Entertainment and Design Thinking workshops will pick up lunches in each studio)

Hollywood insiders will provide an overview of how the entertainment industry works, discuss new and emerging technologies and business models, and work with attendees on their entrepreneurial dreams.

Led by Ted Gagliano ’82, President, Feature Post-Production, Twentieth-Century Fox and Loic Bailly, management consultant.

Location: Drapkin Studio

12:20 - 1:15 pm | Lunch


Location: Forum, Lewis Center complex (attendees of Film and Entertainment and Design Thinking workshops will pick up lunches in each studio)

1:15 pm - 3:15 pm | Career Workshop: Performing Artist as Entrepreneur?

Participants will be guided through exercises, personal assessment, and group discussion to develop strategies and methods for directing your art career with an entrepreneurial toolkit. These will include a framework for assessing your own artistic practice as an act of entrepreneurship, a method for evaluating the business landscape within which your art exists, and an approach to create strategies for effective action, communication, and positioning within the arts and business ecosystem.:

  • Understand the landscape of professional live performance, how it’s resourced, and how to chart your course within it. 
  • Learn basic approaches to budgeting and financial management for performing artist, with an emphasis on abundance instead of scarcity
  • Learn various fundraising approaches and skills
  • Take control of your career trajectory in the performing arts, as actors, writers, directors. 

Led by Pilar Castro-Kiltz ’10, Founder, More Canvas Consulting and Aaron Landsman, Visiting Lecturer, Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University.

Location: Tilghman Studio (and live streaming in the Forum)

1:15 pm - 3:15 pm | Career Workshop: Visual Arts Entrepreneurship Roundtable with Alumni

This session will offer insight into the intersection of the visual arts and entrepreneurship as well as trajectories, experiences, and perspectives of people practicing different forms of arts entrepreneurship. These include those who produce art, those who support the production of art, and those who draw audiences to art and artists. The session will include an introductory conversation with Jordan Shue, Program Director and Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Arts at Purchase College, followed by a roundtable with Princeton alumni working in the field.

Moderated by Lucy Partman (PhD candidate, Art & Archaeology).


Mark Best '00
Andy Chen '09
Ben Denzer '15
Lauren G. Meehan '08
Waqas Jawaid '10

Location: Kerr Studio

3:15 - 4:15 pm | Conversation: The Power of Storytelling and its Influence on Social Impact

Mauricio Miller is currently the James Wei visiting professor at the Keller Center. For his unorthodox strategies for social change Mauricio has been awarded the MacArthur 'Genius' fellowship as well as Ashoka Fellowship and other awards.  As a social entrepreneur Mauricio has devoted most of his life to creating common sense approaches to issues of poverty.  Yet despite 20 years of demonstrating a successful model, its counter-intuitive nature has stymied efforts to present and get this ground up approach recognized with a general audience.  

Marisa Polvino is a seasoned film producer with skills for identifying, packaging and producing quality entertainment access all genres and budget levels. As Co-founder and co-CEO of STRAIGHT UP FILMS Marisa's work integrates elevated filmmaking and innovative social impact initiatives to tell stories that have the power to make a difference in our world. Marisa is using her platform as a storyteller to shift perspectives, stimulate community and combat stigma. 

This open conversation is an exploration of how cinema can truly impact society and shift perspectives through storytelling. By examining influential films and their impact, we gain a better understanding of how filmmakers are entrepreneurial, serve as an engine for impact, ignite social change, and better their community and world.

Led by Mauricio Miller, Visiting Professor, Keller Center, Princeton University and Marisa Polvino, Co-CEO, Straight Up Films.

Location: Drapkin Studio (and live streaming in the Forum)

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm | Networking Reception

Gather with fellow students and alumni, build on the day’s conversations, and network within Princeton’s arts entrepreneurship community. Beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Hosted by Princeton Arts Alumni.

Location: Forum, Lewis Center complex