Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference 2019


The Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC), the alumni engagement arm of Princeton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and Princeton Club of Northern California cordially invite you join fellow Princeton alumni and their guests at the second Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference to be held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 11 through 13, in Sunnyvale and San Francisco, per schedule below. The conference objectives are to educate, inspire, and engage the vibrant Princeton entrepreneurial community.

The conference will feature a wide range of content:

  • Several Princeton professors teaching classes from the University's rich array of entrepreneurial curriculum

  • Keynote speakers and alumni panels addressing a range of topics from the perspectives of both founders and investors

  • Princeton entrepreneurs sharing insights from across technology, life sciences, consumer, social impact, and arts enterprises

  • A Startup Showcase

  • Evening receptions

  • Skills-based workshops

The Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference is part of a larger Princeton Entrepreneurship Week in the Bay Area. It kicks off on Wednesday evening with a separate event in San Francisco at which selected startups will present at the Princeton Alumni Angels Spring 2019 Pitch Night.

Conference Agenda:

Day One:
Thursday, April 11 from 8:00am to 8:30pm
Google X (MP3 1170 Bordeaux Drive, Bldg. 3, Sunnyvale CA)

  • Professor Derek Lidow teaching a class from his new course on the "History of Entrepreneurship"
  • Professor David Miller sharing highlights from his very popular course "Ethical Behavior"
  • Corporate innovation business models and strategies
    • Brendon Kim '89, Executive Vice President, Samsung NEXT
    • Rick Waldron '84, former Vice President, Innovation Strategy, Nike
    • Pierre Theodore '90, Vice President, J&J Scientific Innovation
    • Karen Roter Davis '94, Leadership, Google X Moonshot
  • Venture capital trends and opportunities
    • Ilya Kirnos '99, Founding Partner, SignalFire
    • Cindy Hess '85, Partner, Fenwick West
    • Marcus Stroud '10, Partner, TXV
    • Laura Melahn '07, Partner, Google Ventures
    • Brad Paschke '90, Head, Equity Markets, William Blair Capital Markets
  • Ed tech initiatives
    • Ellen Siminoff '89, CEO, Schmoop
    • Minerva Yeung *96, Founder, IvyCube
    • Bethany Coates '96, Co-Founder, Breakline Education
    • Emily Grassburg Sands '09, Senior Director, Data Science, Coursera
  • Social impact investments and challenges
    • Adriana De La Rosa '95, non-profit organizations
    • Aoi Senju '16, Jumpstart Energy
    • Sarah Wallace Beatty '09, Global Development Incubator
  • How to engage with Princeton's entrepreneurial ecosystem
    • Anne-Marie Maman '84, Executive Director, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council
    • Cornelia Huellstrunk, Executive Director, Keller Center
    • Michelle Moon '99, Director, Princeton Alumni Angels
    • Kim Betz, Executive Director, Princeton University Career Services
    • Chip Hay, Princeton University Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations
  • Startup showcase, featuring the same companies presenting to the angel investors at the Princeton Alumni Angels pitch night event on Wednesday. Prize awards will be given to the top-judged presentation. The four judges represent each of the three Princeton-focused venture firms and PAA, all four of whom are co-sponsoring the showcase.
    • Luke Armour '13, Managing Director, Chaac Ventures
    • Mark Poag ’93, Managing Director, Fitz Gate Ventures
    • Tom Meyer '94, Managing Director, Nassau Street Ventures
    • Joelle Rauh '02, Director, Princeton Alumni Angels
  • Evening networking reception co-sponsored by Princeton University Campus Life, Career Services, and Batiste Rhum

Day Two
Friday, April 12 from 8:00am to 8:30pm
Gap Inc. (2 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA)

  • Keynote speaker: Tom Siebel P11, Chief Executive Officer, C3
  • Professor Marty Johnson '81 teaching from his "Social Entrepreneurship" course and sharing current student initiatives
  • Consumer and med tech startup trends
    • Nikhil Trivedi '11, Partner, Shasta Ventures
    • John Chang '91, Founder and CEO, Willow
    • Karen Drexler '81, Founder and CEO, Sandstone Diagnostics
    • Erik Blachford '89, former Founder, Expedia
    • Don Albert '79, former President, North America, Adswizz
  • Life sciences startup/founder and investor insights
    • Trevor Martin '11, Founder and CEO, Mammoth Biosciences
    • Anita Gupta Modi '08, Vice President of Product Strategy, Science 37
    • Alice Zhang '10, Co-Founder, Verge Genomics
    • Valerie Delva '06, Senior Research, Gilead Sciences
    • John Diekman '65, Founding Partner, 5AM Ventures
  • Transit tech: market trends and policy issues
    • Jeff Russakow '90, Chief Executive Officer, Boosted Boards
    • Charity Allen '00, Senior Product Counsel, Waymo
    • Kevin Weiss '79, Chief Executive Officer, Spireon
    • Jamie Lowrey '18, Business Development, Greenfield Labs/Ford
    • James Mister '10, Innovation Manager, Bavaria Economic Development
  • Young alumni founders
    • Patrick Wendell '11, Founder and Vice President, Engineering, Databricks
    • Paul Dornier '17, Founder and former CEO, Meetingbird (acquired by Front)
    • Christine Marzano '07, Co-Founder, DNABlock
    • Jack Altman '11, Founder and CEO, Lattice
    • Max Greenwald '17, Founder, IgniteSTEM
  • Emerging tech market opportunities
    • Bryton Shang '12, Founder and CEO, Aquabyte
    • Abhinav Agrawal '04, Founder and CEO, Rocket
    • Amit Mukherjee '10, Partner, NEA
    • William McCalpin '12, Product Manager, Swoop
    • Brian Ascher '89, Partner, Venrock
  • Arts entrepreneurship and creativity
    • Ted Gagliano '82, President, Post-Production, Twentieth-Century Fox
    • Stephanie Klassen '90, food writer and critic
    • Kahlil Sullivan '04, band manager and theatrical producer
    • Ruth Gerson '92, singer and vocal coach
    • Erik Blachford '89, philanthropist and investor
  • Evening networking reception at Salesforce Tower (415 Mission Street, San Francisco) co-sponsored by Princeton’s Lewis Center for the Arts and Batiste Rhum

Day Three:
Saturday, April 13 from 8:00am to 1:00pm
DLA Piper (555 Mission Street, San Francisco CA)

Five content-rich workshops, co-sponsored by the Keller Center, will be offered to alumni and guests interested in diving deeper into a specific topic:

  • Capital Fundraising -- How to identify and target investors and venture firms, build an effective pitch deck, how best to connect with the investor community, and the process to raise seed capital. Workshop leaders:
    • Catherine "Cack" Wilhelm '06, Partner, Accomplice VC
    • Laura Melahn '07, Partner, GV, the venture capital arm of Alphabet
  • Discovering a Successful Product Strategy -- Learn how to run a successful product strategy discovery at your company. An effective discovery process leads to bold solutions to your product challenges, effective testing and validation of assumptions, identifying risks, and working in an agile fashion. By the end of the workshop, you will have a better understanding of how to build out your product or feature set in a way that promotes efficiency, creativity, and flexibility. Workshop leader: 
    • Julia Macalaster '12, Chief Operating Officer, DefMethod
  • Arts Entrepreneurship in Film and Entertainment: Tigerwood 101 -- Hollywood insiders will provide an overview of how the entertainment industry works, discuss new and emerging technologies and business models, and work with attendees on their entrepreneurial dreams. Workshop leaders: 
    • Ted Gagliano '82, President, Post-Production, Twentieth-Century Fox
    • Bill Wescott '85, Chief Executive Officer, BrainOxygen, LLC
    • Loic Bailly, Owner, 2451 LLC
  • High-Performance Team-Building -- Discussions will focus on building a strong startup culture, mindset, and brand; attracting, recruiting and retaining key employees, and tapping outside resources and internal stakeholders to build effective teams. Workshop leaders:
    • Ed Zschau, Jr. '86, Director, Parker Remick
    • Ian Thomson '09, Executive Recruiter, Odgers Berndtson
  • Mindfulness-Based Wellness -- Honor Yourself, Take Time to Yourself, Meditate Yourself, Understand Yourself, Nurture Yourself, and You Will Have More of Yourself to Give.
    • Jaclyn Long ’98, Founder and Director, Mind Body Moms

You are invited to join any of the three days. Conference packages are also available for the first two days and all three days. When registering, please note that tickets are segmented into three categories: Young Alumni (graduation years 2015-2019), All Other Alumni, and Friends and Guests.

If you have questions, please email Don Seitz '79, Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement, Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, at donseitz@princeton.edu.

Read about the inaugural Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference held in October 2017 in Boston to an audience of approximately 200 alumni and their guests. 

Please be advised that photography and video/audio recording of the conference will be performed for educational and promotional purposes only.


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