Corporate Innovation Models for Success

At the Bay Area Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, Brendon Kim '89 of Samsung NEXT Ventures, Karen Roter Davis '94 of X, the moonshot factory, Rick Waldron '84 of Horizon Arc, and moderator Bill Wescott '85 discussed corporate innovation, including in locations such as local government and in public works. 


One takeaway: For startups working with a big corporate partner: stay focused on your goal, and don’t let the corporate partner distract from your roadmap. 

Karen Roter Davis '94

  • Director, Early Stage Projects - X (fka Google X)

Brendon Kim, '89

  • VP, MD, Global Head, Samsung NEXT Ventures

Rick Waldron , '84

  • Principal, Horizon Arc

Bill Wescott '85

  • CEO, BrainOxygen LLC