Exciting Initiatives in Ed Tech

At the Bay Area Tigers Entrepreneurs Conference, Ellen Siminoff '89, Minerva Yeung *96, Bethany Coates '98, Emily Sands '09 and moderator Don Seitz '79 discussed the moment that education tech is currently having. Using technology to increase access to education, especially educating our daughters, was a major theme of the discussion.  


One takeaway: Ed tech is a hot space right now, primarily because education has mostly been the same for 200 years and is ripe for disruption with technology. 


Bethany Coates, '98

  • Founder and CEO, BreakLine Education

Emily Glassberg Sands, '09

  • Senior Director, Data Science, Coursera

Ellen Siminoff, '89

  • Former President and CEO, Shmoop

Minerva Yeung, *96

  • Founder, IvyCube科藤园