Founder and Investor Insights in Consumer and Med Tech

At the Bay Area Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, Erik Blachford '89, John Y. Chang '91, Karen Drexler '81, Nikhil Basu Trivedi '11, and moderator Don Albert '79 discussed consumer and med tech development from both sides of the venture capital coin: what investors are looking for in their consumer/med tech startups and how that changes through the various funding rounds, and what companies should look for in an investor.


One takeaway: People who can think from different perspectives can be successful in entrepreneurship, even if your major in college is unrelated.

Don Albert, '79

  • Former President, North America, AdsWizz; Former Skype and eBay executive

Erik Blachford, '89

  • Venture Partner, Technology Crossover Ventures
  • Arts entrepreneur and investor

John Y. Chang, '91

  • Co-Founder and CTO, Willow

Karen Drexler, '81

  • Founder and CEO, Sandstone Diagnostics

Nikhil Basu Trivedi '11

  • Co-Founder & General Partner, Footwork