Life Sciences – Perspectives of Founders and Investors

At the Bay Area Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, Valerie Delva '06, Anita Gupta Modi '08, Trevor Martin '11, Alice Zhang '10 and moderator John Diekman '65 discussed hot topics in life science entrepreneurship, including industry trends, and the improving relationships between large and small life science companies and government.


One takeaway: The industry is going towards more CRISPR, oncology, and innovating around the barriers of clinical trial studies. 

Valerie Delva, '06

  • Senior Director, R&D Strategy and Operations, Gilead

John Diekman, '65

  • Founder and Managing Partner, 5AM Ventures

Trevor Martin, '11

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Mammoth Biosciences

Anita Gupta Modi, '08

  • Vice President of Product Strategy, Science37

Alice Zhang, '10

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Verge Genomics