Social Impact Entrepreneurs

At the Bay Area Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, Adriana De La Rosa '95, Randy Wiggins '05, Aoi Senju '16, Sara Wallace Beatty '12, and moderator Megan Martin Strickland '07 discussed social entrepreneurship from their experiences in a variety of industries. 


One takeaway: You can have "both" - you can have profitability and help people at the same time. 

Sara Wallace Beatty, '12

  • Head of Communications and Marketing, Global Development Incubator

Adriana De La Rosa, '95

  • Chief Development Officer, 2-1-1 Orange County

Aoi Senju, '16

  • Founder and CEO, Jumpstart

Megan Martin Strickland, '07

  • Senior Business Development Manager/Head of Community, ReBoot Accel

Randy Wiggins, '05

  • Manager, Tech & Society Solutions Lab, Omidyar Network