Startup Experiences of Younger Alumni

At the Bay Area Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, Jack Altman '11, Paul Dornier '17, Christine Marzano '07, Minqi Jiang '12, Vivian Wang '15 and moderator Max Greenwald '17 discussed the importance of networks, whether it is Y Combinator or the Princeton network, and what was "day one" in their startup like. 


One takeaway: Also important is a strong professional relationship between co-founders, whether starting out as friends or otherwise.

Jack Altman, '11

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Lattice

Paul Dornier, '17

  • Founder and former CEO, Meetingbird

Max Greenwald, '17

  • Product Manager, Google; Founder/CEO, IgniteSTEM

Minqi Jiang, '12

  • Co-Founder, Macro

Christine Marzano, '07

  • Actor and Co-Founder, DNABlock

Vivian Wang, '15

  • Co-Founder/CEO, Friendshop