Reunions 2020 TEC Agenda | Day 1

Reunions 2020 Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference by PEC

May 28, 2020

Princeton Startup Showcase

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5:00 pm to 6:15 pm EDT | Princeton Startup Showcase

Princeton Startup Showcase, featuring 3 faculty-led and 3 alumni-led startups across a broad spectrum of sectors and technologies. Participating companies include Andluca Technologies with Nick Davy *14 *20 (environmental tech); InterPrice with Olga Chin '05 (fin tech); Invictis with Miles Cole '21 (health tech); Pocket Naloxone with Ashanthi Mathai '95 (health tech); We Are The New Farmers with Dan Bernstein '14 (food tech); and NeuTigers with Adel Laoui Ph.D. (machine learning). Moderated by Rob Wolk '91, co-founder of Princeton Alumni Angels of Greater New York.