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Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference
2024 Tiger Entrepreneurship Conference

The Princeton 2024 Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference will feature faculty and alumni entrepreneurs making groundbreaking impacts in the world.


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Check out our collection of videos from past events, podcasts and other PEC media. 

Search Funds: An Alternative Path to Entrepreneurship

A search fund is an investment vehicle in which the entrepreneur (or team) initially raises a small pool of capital from several investors to fund a search (of up to 24 months) for a suitable small business to acquire.

TigerTalks in the City: Innovations in Arts Accessibility

The second in the TigerTalks series in 2023 on social entrepreneurship with a close-up look at accessibility in the arts.

TigerTalks in the City: Can Princeton Revolutionize Social Entrepreneurship?

This provocative and stimulating faculty presentation kicks off a TigerTalks series focusing on social entrepreneurship and impact investing. This is one of the major themes of the 2023 slate of TigerTalks events scheduled throughout the year.

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Event Series


TigerTalks is PEC's signature panel discussion and networking series featuring faculty and alumni entrepreneurs discussing a particular topic from both founder and funder perspectives.


Tiger2Tiger brings in a variety of alumni entrepreneurs to lead a series of workshops on funding and managing your startup.