Tiger2Tiger: Part 2 The Funding Landscape for Impact Entrepreneurs

Tue, Sep 22, 2020, 10:00 am to 11:00 am
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Part 2: International Ventures

Raising funds is hard for any startup – and often harder for social impact startups that deliver both an economic and a social return. 

The landscape of impact investors is broad and often fragmented – some offer grants and focus primarily on the social return, while others look for market-rate returns with a social return on top.  Some funders require their investees to measure and report on the social returns while others only consider the social impact at the time of their investment decision.  Many funds specialize in particular social issues and/or particular geographies, making it difficult to know which investors to approach to fund your venture.

This workshop will help you understand the different funding options available for social ventures operating outside of the United States and give you guidelines to determine the best funders for your venture.


Robert Kraybill ‘89, Managing Director, Portfolio Management and Chief Investment Officer at Impact Investment Exchange

Pardon Makumbe ’07, Founding Partner at CRE Venture Capital

Deepa Iyer ‘09, Investment Principal, Luminate

Lauren Wyman `14 (Moderator) Investment Associate, Inventures Investment Partners


This is the second in a series of workshops for social entrepreneurs.  Stay tuned for information about our upcoming events which include:

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