TigerTalks Digital | How to Build and Sustain a Culture of Innovation

Jun 11, 2020, 5:00 pm6:15 pm
Online (Zoom webinar)
  • Alumni
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Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and Princeton Club of Washington are pleased to invite you to join an invigorating discussion: How to Build and Sustain a Culture of Innovation. This is part of the TigerTalks Digital entrepreneurial series and will take place on Thursday, June 11 starting at 5 pm EDT.
Startups begin with an innovative idea. But, is the culture established in the early stages of a company’s life focused enough on innovation so that the business can pivot readily and invest effectively in products and go-to-market strategies? If the company then achieves market traction, can it sustain this innovation culture over time as it grows and extends its reach into the market? Companies, small to large, and across all sectors of business, are challenged with maintaining a culture of innovation or else face threats from nimble and creative new competitors.
An esteemed panel of alumni startup founders – from early to late stage – will share their perspectives and insights on this topic, including Randy Altschuler ’93, CEO of Xometry (digital manufacturing); Tshaka Cunningham ’96, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at TruGenomix (behavioral health); Roselle Safran ’99, CEO and Founder of KeyCaliber (cybersecurity); and Tim Hwang ’14, Founder and CEO of FiscalNote (global issues management). The panel will be moderated by Margarita Womack *09, Founder and CEO of Mas Panadas (food tech).

  • Princeton Entrepreneurship Council
  • Princeton Club of Washington DC
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