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Many of our public events are recorded and available here as video or podcast recordings. 


Search Funds: An Alternative Path to Entrepreneurship

A search fund is an investment vehicle in which the entrepreneur (or team) initially raises a small pool of capital from several investors to fund a search (of up to 24 months) for a suitable small business to acquire.

TigerTalks in the City: Innovations in Arts Accessibility

The second in the TigerTalks series in 2023 on social entrepreneurship with a close-up look at accessibility in the arts.

TigerTalks in the City: Can Princeton Revolutionize Social Entrepreneurship?

This provocative and stimulating faculty presentation kicks off a TigerTalks series focusing on social entrepreneurship and impact investing. This is one of the major themes of the 2023 slate of TigerTalks events scheduled throughout the year.

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TigerTalks on the Road: Venturing in the Austin Tech Scene

Our popular TigerTalks on the Road panel discussion series visited Austin for the first time.

Princeton-HBS Startup Showcase 2022

A select group of premier Princeton and HBS-founded startup companies presented an overview of their businesses followed by audience Q&A with each of them. 

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2022 NYC Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference | Fireside Chat: Innovations in Visual Arts

The arts world is also synonymous with New York City. In partnership with Lewis Center for the Arts, Stephen Kim and Mark Stevens shared perspectives and experiences around innovations in the visual arts.

2022 NYC Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference | Innovation and Representation in the Sports Industry

With NYC as one of the sports and entertainment capitals of the world, alumni in the sports industry discussed their strategies to innovate, attract new customer segments, and build their brands.

2022 NYC Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference | Majora Carter Keynote Address: Social Impact - Community Revitalization

Majora Carter shared highlights of an undergraduate course she is teaching this spring that focuses on her visionary work to transform low-status communities into thriving mixed-use local economies and to increase wealth-building opportunities for populations historically left out. 

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2022 NYC Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference | VC and Growth Stage Trends and Opportunities

A slate of VC and growth stage professionals shared their views on key venture trends and opportunities that are fueling the explosive growth of startups and funding in NYC and beyond.

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