Connecting and Learning Through OfficeHours: Derek Chan ’10

Written by
Jocelyne Wijaya '26
Sept. 7, 2023

Guidance to Elevate a Founder’s Entrepreneurial Journey.

Derek Chan ’10 has always been interested in how entrepreneurship and technology are intertwined. From his time as a trader at Goldman Sachs, to heading a high-frequency quant trading team at Allston Trading, to founding an award-winning mobile games and apps studio, to his latest venture, Anvilia, he has significant expertise- but Derek is eager to continue to learn and seek guidance.

I interviewed Derek about his navigating OfficeHours as a mentee, delving deep into his experience with the platform. OfficeHours is Princeton Entrepreneurship Council’s “flash” advisory platform for startup founders. According to Derek, OfficeHours has provided him a place to connect with Princeton alumni and other experienced entrepreneurs who provide guidance on business and technology. When I asked him why he has utilized the OfficeHours platform multiple times, he explained the ease of navigating the website and connecting with experts in diverse fields.

Derek has utilized OfficeHours to connect with relevant mentors who can provide guidance on his various business pursuits. Derek is the co-founder and CEO of Anvilia, the world’s first open metaverse platform that brings utility to NFT projects from any blockchain. “As a mentee and as a developing mentor, you gain a new understanding of how the world works through discourse with people,” Derek said. “Through OfficeHours, you can connect with people who have worked careers spanning decades, and through a conversation, quickly gain an understanding of how these different age groups, industries, geographies, and demographics can encourage you to think outside the box and think of the world differently”. When asked about specific guidance he received, Derek mentioned the importance of perseverance until unfamiliar things become less foreign during the startup journey.

With OfficeHours, Derek was able to develop good friendships, continue mentorship, and increase his networking opportunities. “The Princeton Entrepreneurship Council has done an excellent job, building the startup and entrepreneurial spirit at a mentee of OfficeHours, this is one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had at Princeton,” he said.

OfficeHours is available to Princeton students, faculty, staff and alumni. We encourage you to connect with our mentors who have subject matter expertise in different industries if you need help with a particular issue. Visit to search for a mentor, schedule a 30-minute meeting, and share the objectives of the meeting all in just a few clicks.