Meet the New E-Club Co-Presidents

Written by
Mai Kasemsawade '26
Nov. 2, 2023

The Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club) is Princeton’s premier undergraduate-run organization that promotes entrepreneurship on campus through inclusive collaboration among passionate students with various visions and backgrounds. E-Club consists of 15 subteams that encapsulate different facets of entrepreneurship, from meeting startup founders and VCs, to hackathons, to social entrepreneurship. Each subunit operates independently under two E-Club co-presidents who oversee the club’s budget and activities. With over 550 active members, E-Club is the largest student organization on campus and has reached more than 3,000 students globally since it was founded in 1999. 

We're excited to introduce you to this year’s co-presidents of the Princeton E-Club, James Zhang and Kendall Jeong.

James Zhang ‘25

James is a junior from New Jersey, concentrating in Computer Science, with certificates in Linguistics and Statistics and Machine Learning. James has been involved in E-Club since his first semester. E-Club’s guest speaker events and roundtable discussions sparked his passion for entrepreneurship and led him to engage more with the club as a member of the Princeton Pitch organizing committee and then as the E-Club Social Chair in his sophomore year. It was also through E-Club connections that James partnered with other founders to start Flock (originally called CrissCross). For James, his experiences with E-Club transformed his understanding of entrepreneurship from an abstract classroom concept into a tangible, hands-on experience. The reason he was interested in taking on the role of co-president was to help others have the same hands-on experience with entrepreneurship. 


Kendall Jeong ‘25

Kendall is a junior from Tucson, AZ concentrating in Economics, with a minor in Computer Science. An initial interest in entrepreneurship led her to join E-Club in her first semester. She served as Director of the E-Club Design Team in her sophomore year. Through E-Club’s extensive connections with alumni, she secured internships with PolyGone, a green tech startup by Princeton graduate student alumni, and Chaac Ventures, a VC firm specializing in Princeton founders. “These opportunities transformed my professional trajectory,” said Kendall, “I want to help make these connections and resources more accessible to other E-Club members.”

This year, E-Club remains committed to promoting student-driven initiatives and bolstering Princeton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The plans of this year’s co-presidents revolve around three pivotal pillars: engagement, community, and empowerment. Recognizing the demanding academic life at Princeton, where deadlines often put off student activities, E-Club is striving to create a more engaging and valuable experience for each of its members. This involves closely collaborating with subteam directors to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality programs. Additionally, this year E-Club is committed to hosting weekly speaker events and workshops concerning a diverse range of entrepreneurial interests. Featured past events include an “Industry Insights” startup speaker panel and a speaker session featuring the daily routine of a VC Analyst. As Princeton boasts a robust alumni network, E-Club is equally committed to establishing more avenues for alumni to remain connected through the launch of a new E-Club alumni board. Running Princeton’s largest student-led organization, Kendall and James hope to increase the feeling of a tight-knit community among subteams. One of the community-building initiatives is E-Pub, a bi-weekly social gathering where the Princeton entrepreneurial community gathers to connect, chat, share ideas, and collaborate in an informal and welcoming setting. Furthermore, E-Club is actively forging connections with entrepreneurship clubs at other universities, seeking to expand the network of entrepreneurial-minded students.

James and Kendall also emphasized the significance of student empowerment. E-Club is determined to simplify access and to increase the visibility of entrepreneurial resources to students. They have published a comprehensive resources guide, which includes a Princeton entrepreneurship ecosystem infographic and opportunities table chart. The organization has recently expanded its TigerTrek programming, which offers students the unique opportunity to travel to a startup ecosystem and meet top founders within that domain. This has been achieved through the launch of Crypto TigerTrek and the ongoing development of an India TigerTrek. To support this expansion, as well as all of their initiatives, E-Club is actively exploring new funding channels while also streamlining its internal operations to ensure smooth transitions in leadership. They are a self-funded student-run organization, with some support from many academic departments on campus and several Princeton administrative organizations.

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