AEF Announces Four New Portfolio Companies

Monday, Jul 24, 2017
by Jared DiMartine

On Wednesday, May 17, the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) Feedback Panel met at Emergence Capital’s San Mateo offices to listen to and review the pitches of the Spring 2017 finalists. Following the feedback panel’s recommendations, then-Provost David S. Lee *99 announced that Princeton University will make a $50,000 investment in Aquabyte and a $100,000 investment in each of three companies: Happy, Nucleos and Remedy.

“We are so grateful and honored to be supported by Princeton in this effort, and we could not be happier to join a community of dedicated, bright, passionate entrepreneurial students and alumni,” said Pamela Soffer 15, co-founder of Happy. “We look forward to helping the Princeton Entrepreneurship community flourish in any way we can!”

From aquaculture to healthcare, the Spring 2017 companies represent a variety of industries, and embody Princeton’s commitment to cultivating Entrepreneurship the Princeton way, both on campus and beyond.

AEF’s Fall round will open for applications on August 1, 2017.  Applications will be accepted until September 22, 2017. Learn more about the program.

About the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF): Supported by the generosity of entrepreneurial Princeton alumni, AEF provides recent alumni startups up to $100,000 in matching funding, in addition to mentorship and peer-to-peer learning opportunities throughout the year.  Alumni who receive AEF support serve as mentors to students, helping to advance the University’s education mission and cultivate its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Image of Aquabyte logo

About Aquabyte: Aquabyte visually monitors aquaculture (fish) farms and applies machine learning to estimate biomass and optimally control feeding. Aquabyte was founded by Bryton Shang ’12.  Website:

Logo of Happy

About Happy: Happy is an app that facilitates on-demand phone conversations between people dealing with everyday struggles and vetted compassionate listeners, or ‘Happy Givers.’  Happy addresses epidemic levels of social isolation and stress, dramatically increases the number of people who provide and receive emotional support, and will ignite a vital shift in the way we communicate, listen and connect. Happy was co-founded by Pamela Soffer ’15, Jeremy Fischbach ‘00, and Emily Rosenzweig ‘99.  Website: (Updated 8/29/18)

Logo of Nucleos

About Nucleos: Nucleos is a for-profit, social impact company dedicated to improving the student learning experience with inclusive and equitable quality education for all. Our hybrid learning platform can adapt to little or no bandwidth situations, allowing us to deliver adaptive and personalized learning experiences, both online and offline. Nucleos addresses the needs of educational connectivity challenges, in addition to providing syncing mechanisms and updates. Nucleos was co-founded by Noah Freedman ’12 and Camila Vega. Website: (Updated 8/29/18)

Logo of Remedy Medical

About Remedy: Remedy offers an app that lets anyone, insured or not, message a personal physician to get medical advice, prescriptions, and referrals, all for a price of $30 per appointment. Instead of being crammed into a short appointment, Remedy patients enjoy the freedom to message their doctor anytime until their issue is resolved.  The company plans to harness AI empowered diagnosis and treatment to reduce the cost of delivering health care. Remedy was co-founded by Jessica Ma ’15, Will Jack, Nikhil Buduma and Mike Ng.  Website:

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