Ana Leyva ’11 helps families teach Spanish to next generation

Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021
by Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

Lelu founder Ana Leyva '11 was Princeton Alumni Weekly's Tiger of the Week for June 16, 2021. Lelu was the winner of last year's inaugural Princeton Underrepresented Minority Founders Startup Showcase.

Leyva’s startup offers tools to promote bilingualism at home

Ana Leyva ’11 grew up speaking Spanish at home with her parents, who immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico and Nicaragua, and her two siblings. When Leyva and her husband, David Leyva ’11, had a son six years ago, the couple decided to teach him Spanish as his first language. But they couldn’t find Spanish-language books and games at stores in their Los Angeles neighborhood, so Leyva created Lelu, a company that helps parents make bilingualism a part of their family’s daily life.

“Languages are inherently social. They are meant to be shared,” Leyva says. “We want to give parents the resources to share their bilingualism with their kids so it can really thrive.”

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