Innovation & Entrepreneurship at HackPrinceton– Peter Chen '19
Photo by Helen Lin
Innovation & Entrepreneurship at HackPrinceton– Peter Chen ‘19

Over the weekend of November 11-13, HackPrinceton hosted over 600 student developers from across the country for 36 hours of competitive software and hardware development.

HackPrinceton is one of the largest student-run hackathons in the country. Hackathons are marathon innovation competitions, usually involving software and hardware programming. At the very core of the hackathon experience is entrepreneurship and innovation, providing a creative outlet for students to explore new technologies and find resources necessary to realize their ideas. HackPrinceton is an invaluable component of Princeton’s strong entrepreneurship community.

HackPrinceton partnered with companies such as Microsoft and Facebook, which send industry experts and representatives to mentor hackers on their projects and bring various technologies for use and experimentation. HackPrinceton is also sponsored by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, the Keller Center, and the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering departments, which provided access to various facilities on campus and hardware tools for participants.

At the end of the 36-hour period, the “hackers” had the opportunity to show off their creations, whether it worked or not, in an expo to be judged for various prizes. This year, HackPrinceton had 95 project submissions for the expo. Some of the winning projects this year include:

Tapioca, a Facebook that allows users to transfer a style from one picture to their own pictures using new advancements in deep learning (by Emily Tang, Danny Gitelman, Byron Vickers, Sergiy Popovych)

SketchIt, an application that takes in a user-drawn image then identifies and returns pictures matching the drawing (by Jon Zhang, Nicholas Jiang, Aravind Yeduvaka)

Alex, a chatbot for personal finance (by Alex Yue, Andrew Ng)

FiB, a chrome-extension that verifies authenticity of Facebook posts (by Nabanita De, Qinglin Chen, Mark Craft)

Interactive Time Square, a billboard equipped with a camera to analyze viewer tends to provide more targeted advertising (by Sean Bae)

Check out these projects and more from HackPrinceton Fall 2016.

HackPrinceton will be back in the spring for more innovation, entrepreneurship, and fun.

— Peter Chen ‘19
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