Entrepreneurship Workshops

Constructive advice and recommendations at the Thrive: Celebrating and Empowering Princeton's Black Alumni Conference

Introduction to Design Thinking
What is Design Thinking and what can it do for me? Learn how to use this innovation process to put human needs into the center of the problem.
Katrina Fludd, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Human Resources, Princeton University; Founder, Kelda & Co.
Cheryl Scales '84, Innovation Consultant, Cultural Activator, Community Engagement

The root of design thinking is understanding the problem.

Katrina Fludd and Cheryl Scales '84 at Thrive

Katrina Fludd and Cheryl Scales '84 interact with the audience during the Introduction to Design Thinking workshop at Thrive. (Photo by Wright Seneres)

Perfecting Your Pitch
Tips and tricks to develop a pitch deck that effectively tells your story and helps you to meet your milestones.
Ita Ekpoudom '03, Partner, GingerBread Capital
Kareem Maddox '11, Producer, Spotify/Gimlet Media

The best pitches start with the problem, and taking the investors along the journey of solving the problem.

Kareem Maddox '11 at Thrive

Kareem Maddox '11 and perfecting your pitch at Thrive. (Photo by Wright Seneres)

Product Strategy
Understanding approaches to developing and validating effective product strategies that can gain your startup market traction and can help to differentiate your company in the marketplace.
Adriel Frederick '04, Product Manager, Lyft
Carla Vernón '92, President, Natural & Organic, General Mills

"Build it and launch it as long as you have the capability to understand it and improve it, but not before." - Adriel Frederick
"You need courage to be a little crazy." - Carla Vernón

Carla Vernón '92 and Adriel Frederick '04 at Thrive

Carla Vernón '92 and Adriel Frederick '04 led the product strategy workshop at Thrive. (Photo by Wright Seneres)

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