Ben Wolstenholme

Co-Founder and CEO, Madefire

In 1998 Ben co-founded Moving Brands, a leading branding company. As creative lead and CEO Ben pioneered the company’s approach to branding which is built around cross-platform storytelling. Ben has creatively led award-winning work for clients including: Apple, BBC, Coca-Cola, Flipboard, Google, HP, Keane, MTV, Nokia, Norton & Sons, Paul Smith, LCF, Swisscom and Virgin.

In 2011 Ben co-founded Madefire, a media and technology company. Madefire has built an open publishing platform for creating Motion Books — a new type of digital-first reading experience for iOS, Android, Windows, TV, Console, Web, VR and MR. Madefire Motion Books were the launch partner for the new Apple TV and are the first publishing platform with Oculus in VR and Magic Leap in MR.