Christine Marzano, '07

Actor and Co-Founder, DNABlock

Christine Marzano '07 is a Co-Founder of DNABlock. Her fascination has always been with the expression of human emotion. Whether through body movement, facial expression, voices, clothing, or accents, her focus has remained on how these elements intersect for impactful storytelling. Christine started as an award-winning dancer and told stories through body movement as a professional Irish Dancer. For the past ten years, Christine continued her storytelling as an actor; demonstrating depth, grit, and versatility by portraying a wide range of characters in award-winning movies and tv shows around the world. 

As a method to further broaden acting horizons, Christine excelled doing voiceover and motion capture for top-selling video games, commercials, and other applications. It is in that space where she met her VFX co-founders and the genesis of DNABlock, for the future of storytelling and communication, occurred.

Prior to acting, Christine worked as an international model, walking the runways of the globe for luxury labels and posing for renowned fashion publications. Christine currently moderates the Princeton in Hollywood Speaker Series, capturing stories through interviews and panel discussions with Hollywood power players. She also spends time teaching acting/storytelling skills to LA foster children, through the Cherished Hands volunteer program. 

Christine holds an A.B. in Psychology from Princeton University and a certificate in Graphic Design from UCLA.