Craig B. Arnold

Vice Dean for Innovation and Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Craig B. Arnold is the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University and the director of the Princeton Institute of Materials. His research ranges from basic science to applied technology aimed at developing a deeper understanding of fundamental materials synthesis and processing with interests in, advanced manufacturing, energy storage and conversion, novel material architectures, and advanced optics. Arnold’s research has garnered over 200 publications and 13 awarded patents to date. Arnold is a two-time entrepreneur, co-founding and serving as chief technologist for TAG Optics Inc. and Invictis Technologies Inc. where he developed and commercialized technologies derived from his research at Princeton. He has earned numerous accolades for his work in both academia and industry including the Knight of Laser Technology from the International Academy for Production Engineering, the Edison Patent Award for Technology transfer from the NJ R&D council, an R&D 100 award, the Laser Focus World-OSA technology innovation award, and the SPIE PRISM award for photonics innovation. Prof. Arnold serves as a member of the National Materials and Manufacturing Board of the National Research Council and is a fellow of OSA and SPIE. He earned his PhD. in condensed-matter physics from Harvard University, and was an NRC post-doctoral fellow at the US Naval Research Laboratory prior to joining the faculty at Princeton. As of July 1, 2022, Arnold will become the Vice Dean for Innovation at Princeton University.