Dan Von Kohorn '97

Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Broom Ventures

Dan builds and invests in tech companies.

He is a Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Broom Ventures, an early stage tech VC. He is also a co-founder of two crypto startups and is an executive at Chainlink, one of the top crypto infrastructure companies in the world.

Dan started his career at JP Morgan Asset Management, and has worked on management of more than $4.3B over a career in investment management and venture capital, including 7 years as portfolio manager of a computational commodity fund, 20 years as Director of Technology Investments for Mediatech Capital, and 10 years in VC.

In Q1 of this year, Broom Ventures made 7 investments totaling $4.95m from the fund and 2 SPVs totalling $12.5m raised for later stage follow-ons.

Dan has been working in crypto since 2016, built a blockchain oracle company in partnership with ConsenSys, founded the Oracle Working Group at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and contributed to the Off-Chain Trusted Compute spec. Previously, Dan worked on machine learning and SaaS with a focus in finance. He founded New England AI, a tech meetup that grew to 2500+ members, and contributed to the US Secret Service NY Electronic Crimes Task Force.