Daniel Oscar '88

Founder, Realign Education

For over three decades, Daniel Oscar has dedicated himself to helping schools become places where students want to be. As an education entrepreneur who centers equity in his work, Daniel has an extensive record of achievement in establishing and growing educational organizations. 

He is the founder of Realign Education, partnering with the larger K-16 ecosystem to challenge the outdated, predominant model of education in the United States that falls short of addressing the evolving needs and aspirations of our nation, families, communities, and—most importantly—children. This new initiative currently focuses on revamping the college admissions process, leveraging its outsized influence on K-12 education as a catalyst for broader realignment of K-12 to embody equity and meet the requisites of human flourishing, a healthy democracy, and a thriving economy. 

In November 2021, Daniel concluded 12 years of service as President & CEO of the Center for Supportive Schools, a national organization advancing the efforts of schools to develop all students into leaders who help make their schools safer, more supportive, engaging, and inspiring. Earlier in his career, Daniel was one of the lead founders of Teach For America and the President & Founder of The Learning Project, a not-for-profit school management organization. Daniel has supported many other education organizations, including Edison Learning, Newark Charter School Fund, Children’s Progress, and Amplify (formerly Wireless Generation), providing leadership on issues related to business and program development, evaluation, educational technology, and student assessment. 

Daniel served on the Board of Trustees of the Northeast Charter Schools Network for 17 years, and as a member of the Partners Collaborative for the Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development. 

He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Princeton University.