Jeff Russakow, '90

CEO, Boosted Boards

Jeff is CEO of Boosted, a leading provider of high-performance light electric vehicles. The company is best know for its first commercial product, the ubiquitous Boosted board, an electric longboard that goes up to 24 mph. He joined the company in 2017 to help manage the commercial, geographic, and product expansion of the company as it quickly transitioned from an emergent start-up to a global growth company.

Jeff studied mechanical engineering and robotics at Princeton and Stanford, as well as public policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. After gaining years of experience as a senior executive at McKinsey, SAP, Adobe, Symantec, and Yahoo!, followed by several years leading start-up and growth companies, Boosted represents a return to his dual first loves of electro-mechanical systems and public policy. Jeff is passionate about finding pragmatic ways to transform how people live, and how smart cities organize. In his spare time, Jeff is a member of Boosted’s in-house band.