Khalil Sullivan '04

Band manager and theatrical producer

Khalil Sullivan is a Oakland-based professional musician and Ph.D. candidate in English at University of California, Berkeley. He is currently finishing a dissertation on dandyism in popular music while teaching courses on American literature, the Harlem Renaissance, and Popular Music Studies at Head-Royce School in Oakland.

Aside from his work with MAD NOISE, he plays guitar for SF-based queer-punk band, the Truants, and is developing a musical about blackness at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York entitled At Buffalo. MAD NOISE has worked extensively with the At Buffalo project, serving as the ensemble for a Spring 2011 University of California, Berkeley semester-long workshop production and again in Fall 2013 at a University of Colorado, Boulder-funded workshop production. In the summer of 2014, the At Buffalo musical conducted a reading at the New York Music Theater Festival, in Spring 2015 the writing team of At Buffalo was awarded a Cap 21 Writer’s Retreat in New York, NY; in 2016 the writers received Rhinebeck Writers’ Retreat award; and, recently in Fall 2017, the At Buffalo project continued developing the project at the behest of State University of New York, Buffalo.