Margaret Clair, '10

Collections professional

Margaret Walker Clair is a Senior Program Officer in the Division of Preservation and Access at the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), where she works with nine grant programs that support stewardship of humanities collections nationwide. She came to the NEH in August 2018 from Vanderbilt University, where she was the assistant curator of the Fine Arts Gallery. There she curated or co-curated exhibitions on topics including First World War posters, the American etching revival, the American circus, and portraits by Everett Raymond Kinstler. She holds an A.B. in History from Princeton University and a M.Sc. with distinction in the History of Art, Theory and Display from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to graduate school, Clair taught secondary mathematics in the Memphis City Schools through the Teach for America program. Her research interests include museum management and the intersection of the arts and the First World War. Her publications appear in Nashville Arts Magazine, History Today, and The Magazine Antiques, and Sustainable Revenue for Museums (2019).