Michael Havig '87, MD

Founder and CEO, HealthMe Technology

Michael Havig M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon, and expert on transparent pricing and bundled healthcare. He is passionate about solving the challenges facing physicians and patients in today’s complex healthcare environment. Frustrated by the lack of pricing transparency and limited access to care for those disenfranchised by our current healthcare system, he founded HealthMe ( https://www.healthmedocs.com/ ), a software platform that enables practices to attract and manage direct-pay patients and payments.Think Shopify for healthcare. When providers retail their services patients can access reasonably priced, quality care. Dr. Havig also co-founded OrthoFounders a group that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship among practicing physicians.

Dr. Havig graduated from Princeton University, attended medical school at Vanderbilt University, and completed his Orthopedic Surgery residency at Emory University. He completed a fellowship in sports medicine and serves as a physician to the U.S. Ski Team and to local athletes of all ages and abilities.