Rick Waldron '84

Principal, Horizon Arc

Rick leads Horizon Arc, an Innovation Advisory & Executive Coaching firm that supports Innovation Leaders in designing and implementing customized, high-impact Innovation Architectures that will lead to game-changing innovation and growth for their Global 1000 enterprises. Rick created Horizon Arc out of a passion for recapturing and nurturing the entrepreneurial energy, creativity, and boldness that originally launched companies toward their success to-date.

Rick has devoted the better part of his career to studying, refining, and implementing the science and art of new business creation.  His expertise has been forged through building teams and capabilities at some of the world's premier technology and consumer brands and Fortune 100 innovators, tackling challenges around digital transformation, services innovation, and new product businesses.
As Nike's VP of Innovation Strategy & Partnerships, he built a successful internal business incubator and business development team to push beyond the frontiers of Nike's 40+-year-old business model. 
At Intel Capital, he led a team of technology "intrapreneurs," served as a partner on the company's internal venturing fund, and built a business development capability, leveraging Intel technologies to unleash new businesses.
Rick brings a multidisciplinary perspective to his innovation work, leveraging his experience in business development, M&A, corporate venturing, consulting, law, coaching and business incubation to deliver breakthrough results.  Rick holds a law degree from Harvard University, an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, an executive coaching certificate from the Hudson Institute, and decision analytics and negotiations program certificates from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.