Ted Gagliano, '82

President, Feature Post-Production, Twentieth-Century Fox

Ted Gagliano is President of Feature Post-Production at Twentieth Century Fox and is responsible for the completion of all films produced by the company. During his career, Ted has supervised post-production on over 700 Fox films, including groundbreaking hits like Avatar, Titanic, Life of Pi; The Planet of the Apes and Fox Marvel franchises, as well as the 1997 Star Wars special edition release. Ted helped spearhead Virtual Reality efforts for the Fox Innovation lab, overseeing production of Wild-The VR Experience, (Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern), The Martian VR Experience, and Alien Covenant: In Utero. He is the producer of Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming film, All Is True about the last three years of William Shakespeare’s life. 

Ted is also an avid investor in start up companies that he believes will have an impact on medicine and entertainment. Under the umbrella of his Techtainment Fund of Incline Village, Ted is the lead investor in Madefire, a “motion book” platform which puts creators first and which is available on AppleTV and Magic Leap; Ovio Technologies, a 360 degree imaging platform that creates avatars in 12 seconds; and Implicitcare, a light-guided, minimally invasive skin rejuvenation system that is the missing link in aesthetic surgery.

Ted currently serves on the boards of the Neurosurgery Department and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCLA, where he co-founded with his husband, Loic Bailly, the Golden Portals, an annual event that honors innovation in movies and medicine, and which funds brain and immunotherapy research for UCLA Neurosurgery Chair, Dr. Linda Liau.

Ted began his entertainment career at Princeton University as President of the Triangle Club.