William Watts, '09

Operations Engineering, Block Renovation

William '09 studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton. While there, he was a co-founder of a bamboo bicycle startup called Sol Cycles (now Boo Bicycles) that grew out of a class project. In the early 2010's he worked as an engineer and project manager in the construction industry, working on large government projects in DC as well as high end commercial construction in NYC. In 2013 he started BlackBox Mfg, developing technology to use 3D printers to reduce the cost and time of carbon fiber composites production. Recognizing a need from his customers at Blackbox, he started FeatherFab in 2014 with another '09 engineer, building 3D CAD design software for the nascent VR devices coming to market. In 2016 William joined Tesla to build out and lead the charging infrastructure team for the Northeast US. Just prior to launch in late 2018 he joined another Princeton founder at Block Renovation, a home renovation platform, to lead operations engineering.