Yossi Quint '17

CEO, Ark Biotech

Yossi is the CEO and founder of Ark Biotech, which is focused on removing the main bottleneck to scale cultivated meat - bioproduction capacity. Ark is developing low-cost, high-volume, scalable bioreactor systems (hardware + software), so that cultivated meat can compete with, and overtake, the trillion dollar animal protein market. Prior to Ark, Yossi worked as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey where he specialized in alternative protein. At McKinsey, Yossi advised a slate of global agriculture and CPG producers on their alternative protein strategy, worked with some of the fastest-growing alternative protein start-ups around the world, and served as a co-author on McKinsey's recent report on cultivated meat. Yossi began his career as a quantitative researcher at Two Sigma.