TigerTalks Digital: Why Entrepreneurs Choose France

The French entrepreneurial landscape is rapidly evolving and the diverse mix of panelists will share their perspectives on the transformations as well as the opportunities and challenges they present.

Join the Webinar

12:00pm - 1:00pm (Eastern) | 1800-1900 (CEST): Why Entrepreneurs Choose France

The panel will be comprised of two Princeton founders, representing different types of companies and funding strategies, and two investors also with different funding backgrounds – one from the VC world and the other with deep university technology licensing experience. Please go to https://entrepreneurs.princeton.edu/ttd-paris to view our panelist bios.

Watch the recording here: 


Join the Breakout Sessions

Following the panel discussion and audience Q&A, attendees are invited to join one of two planned breakout rooms during which the conversation will continue around (1) investor trends and opportunities and (2) founder experiences and challenges in the French entrepreneurial space.

Click on the room numbers or expand the accordion to view the links.

Room 1

Investor Trends and Opportunities

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Room 2

Founder Experiences and Challenges

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